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Impact Areas

A wheelchair user points to a computer, sitting next to co-worker

Up-Skilling, Re-Skilling, & Future-Proofing

Be part of shifting the labor market toward an inclusive economy and future of work. With SmartJob, you can support investments which give workers the skills they need to compete in the 21st century global economy. We facilitate the deployment of capital to fill the widening skills gap and support disability-diverse talent pipelines into emerging industries.

Fingers on a Braille digital reader


Workers with disabilities know what they need to find, obtain, and thrive in employment, and when they can’t find solutions in the open market, they often invent them themselves. Yet, until now, disability-led innovators have often lacked access to the early-stage capital necessary to launch and deploy their work-related innovations. With SmartJob, you can participate in seeding and scaling innovative technologies that maximize global human talent.

Group of people working at computers

Accelerators & Incubators

SmartJob plans to support accelerators and incubators to find and fund the strongest disability-led employment solutions in the world.

Join us in unleashing unrealized global talent, by backing the programs that will support the next generation of breakthrough founders and disability-led solutions.

A woman stands on a stage presenting

Seeding Underrepresented Founders

Groundbreaking ideas come from people of all backgrounds, but unequal access to wealth and social capital mean many truly transcendent ideas are never realized. We can change this by investing in early stage companies, across sectors, led by underrepresented founders with disabilities to build a more inclusive workforce and generate wealth for people with disabilities.

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