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Moonshot Disability Accelerator Initiative

The Moonshot Disability Accelerator Initiative aims to become a global hub for building a thriving disability innovation ecosystem and rising entrepreneurial class of people with disabilities worldwide.

The Moonshot Disability Accelerator Initiative is hosted and managed by New Venture Fund as the fiscal sponsor and implemented with SmartJob as the impact consultant.




The Moonshot has 10 global accelerator partners in 6 countries that leverage principles of inclusive and universal design and accessibility in their models.

Through this initiative, we will identify and support cohorts in these accelerators that will, in turn, support and mentor approximately 220 early-stage companies across the globe. In addition, we plan to deploy catalytic, seed-stage investments into companies in the moonshot’s accelerator cohorts.

Moonshot Report

Be sure to check out the Moonshot Report entitled, “Disability Innovation: Empowering the Entrepreneurs Reimagining Inclusion Around the World” here.


This report was made possible through funding from JPMorgan Chase & Co and developed in partnership with Village Capital.

Global Accelerator Partners

Stylized Accelerator Map

a. Global Centre of Possibility (NZ) | Minnie Baragwanath

b. Communication Service for the Deaf – Social Venture Fund     Incubator (US) | Greg Bland; Rosa Lee Timm

c. Access to Success Accelerator (CAN) | Varun Chandak

d. AT Innovate Now (KE) | Bernard Chiira

e. Multiple (US) | Dan Feshbach; Heidi Kershaw

f. Remarkable Accelerator (AUST) | Pete Horsley; (US) | Molly Levitt

g. AssisTech Foundation (IN) | Prateek Madhav

h. 2-Gether International (US) | Diego Mariscal

i.  Synergies Work i2i Incubator (US) | Aarti Sahgal

A pie chart divided into 6 equal sections with the words Social Impact in the middle. 

The slices say:

Full Time Jobs

Employees, Coaches, &





Accelerator Partners

Minnie Baragwanath headshot

Minnie Baragwanath

New Zealand | Founder & Chief Possibility Officer 

Global Centre of possibility logo
Varun Chandak headshot

Varun Chandak

Canada | Founder

Access to Success Accelerator logo
Dan Feshbach headshot

Dan Feshbach

US | Founder and Chairman of the Board

Multiple logo
Heidi Kershaw headshot

Heidi Kershaw


Multiple logo
Prateek Madhav headshot

Prateek Madhav 

India | Co-Founder & CEO

Assitech Foundation Logo
Aarti Sahgal headshot

Aarti Sahgal

US | Founder & CEO

Synergies Work logo
Greg Bland headshot

Greg Bland

US | Director of Business Development 

CSD SVF logo
Greg Bland Headshot

Greg Bland

US | Director of Business Development

CSD SVF logo
Bernard Chiira

Bernard Chiira

Kenya | Director

AT Innovate Now logo
Pete Horsley headshot

Pete Horsley

Australia | Founder

Remarkable logo
Molly Levitt headshot

Molly Levitt

US | Director

Remarkable logo
Diego Mariscal headshot

Diego Mariscal

US | Founder, CEO & Chief Disabled Officer

2gether International logo
Rosa Lee Timm headshot

Rosa Lee Timm

US | Division President & Chief Marketing Officer

CSD SVF logo
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